Hire Me

Are you struggling with a technical issue in your Python web development project? Do you need expert advice on a specific problem? Look no further! With over 20 years of experience, I offer specialized expertise in Python web development and can provide tech consultation to help you solve your technical challenges.

What I offer:

  • Problem-solving skills: I’m experienced in identifying and solving a wide range of problems that can arise in Python web development projects.
  • Tech consultation: I’m happy to provide expert advice and guidance on technical issues related to Python web development.
  • Short-term solutions: I’m only interested in short-term jobs that can be completed in a few hours. This allows me to focus on the task at hand and deliver results quickly.
  • Affordable rates: My rates is USD60/hour. Payment is via Stripe. An invoice will be sent once we agreed on the required hours.

What I don’t offer:

  • Long-term projects: I don’t have the capacity to work on long-term or high-scale projects at this time. However, if you have a short-term problem that needs solving, I’m happy to help!
  • General web development services: While I specialize in Python web development, I don’t offer other web development services such as design or hosting.

Ready to get started? Contact me today to discuss your specific problem and learn more about how I can help, both as a Python web developer and a tech consultant.